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Horses for Sale

Our policy is to try to match riders to horses and we will not knowingly sell anyone an unsuitable horse.  To that end we encourage would-be purchasers to spend time here trying horses before they buy.  We can organize individual courses to cover riding as well as management of Icelandic horses so that new owners can be as well informed as possible before taking their new horse home.

Due to insurance problems we do not allow horses to go on loan prior to purchase however we aim to give new owners as much support as possible in settling their new horse into their home or in the future training of the horse.  We offer a full training and backup service for horses and riders. 

This page contains a selection of the horses that are currently available.  All of the homebred horses have been correctly wormed and fed since birth and we can provide details of the worming regime for each horse, giving you confidence that the horse you buy should not die early due to incorrect or incomplete worming during the early years.

We back the horses at four and give them a basic training in stop, start and steer.  This includes training the horses to respond correctly to a bit in their mouths.  As with many other trainers we initially train the horses to respond to a headcollar or halter when they are first ridden.  However we then progress to riding with a bit in their mouths.  We do not believe that the horse's education as a riding horse is complete until their mouths have been trained to respond confidently to light pressure from a snaffle bit.

The horses are trained and developed using the principles of classical training and equine learning theory.  This means that particular attention is paid to the development of their topline and carrying abilities.  This takes time and we are committed to taking the time to ensure that each horse is not forced into false outline but helped to build up its musculature and balance in the correct way.  It takes two years to produce a well-mannered and confident riding horse with a good basic training.  After that, any specialist training may begin.

In the interest of both the horse and rider, we will only sell horses under 5 years to experienced owners who have had prior experience of bringing on young horses.  If you are interested in younger horses please phone to discuss what might suit you


Roka from Siamber Wen 2005


Dam:  Reisn frá Sandhólaferju     Sire:  Flytir from Siamber Wen

Roka is a very pretty black mare who is friendly and self-confident.  She is four-gaited with extremely good trot. and canter  She is riding out confidently and starting to do some schooling in the arena.  Her tölt training has begun and she is showing promise of developing into an easy tölter.  Roka will be suitable for a more experienced rider and she would not be suitable as a first horse but would be an ideal first Icelandic horse or an additional horse for a family.

Lois from Siamber Wen 2006

Dam:  Lotta frá Sandhólaferju     Sire:  Flytir from Siamber Wen

Lois is a smoky black mare.  She has completed her basic groundwork and is now being ridden out in company.  She is very positive to work with and is nicely sensitive and forward-going.  Lois is strongly built and very friendly.  She has good gaits and is likely to make an excellent all-rounder and loving friend.  Lois has extremely good tölt and comfortable, lively canter.  She has travelled in the lorry to ride out in different places.  She is a fun ride.

Myrkva from Siamber Wen 2006

Dam:  Mona frá Sandhólaferju     Sire:  Freki from Siamber Wen

Myrkva is a beautiful and sensitive black mare.  She has good gaits with a nice amount of expression and elevation.  She would be suitable for an experienced rider as she is reasonably sharp and sensitive.  She is very clever and willing to work.  She is now being ridden out in company and listens well to the rider's aids.  

Now also working with the four-year-olds:

Bassi from Siamber Wen  2007

Dam: Bina frá Langarfossi    Sire:  Trausti from Siamber Wen

Bassi was backed and ridden in the Spring and was turned away again for the summer.  Kari did most of the work and she found Bassi to be an easy and rewarding student.  Julia also enjoyed riding him when she took over his training when Kari went back to Norway.  Julia had the fun of riding him out and round the property.  He is basically a fun chap with four easy to find and comfortable gaits.  Her has been ridden out in company and is lively but uncomplicated.  Bassi has already earned some admirers. 


Svipur from Siamber Wen  2007

Dam: Spola frá Hunavollum    Sire:  Trausti from Siamber Wen

Svipur is an exceptionally tall Icelandic and he is also strongly built.  He is an eye-catching palomino and so he is destined to turn heads with his summer coated golden body and snowy mane and tail.  He has proven to be an easy-going horse who is biddable and easy to train.  He has been sat on and is now going through the early stages of learning what life is like for a riding horse.  He shows early promise of good tölt and canter but may have weaker trot.  Time will tell.  What is certain is that he will be a reliable and sensible mount.


Röőadis from Siamber Wen  2007

Dam: Rán from Siamber Wen    Sire:  Flytir from Siamber Wen

Burnished chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, Röőadis is a feisty and fun horse.  She is fearless and biddable, qualities that make for exciting but reliable and versatile horses.  She also has good gaits so she shows early promise of talent and trainability.  Now backed, she is being ridden out in company.


Miska from Siamber Wen  2007

Dam:  Mona frá Sandhólaferju     Sire:  Freki from Siamber Wen

Miska is a beautiful black mare.  She is rather timid and so her early training will be centred on allowing her time to learn about her new surroundings and regime.  She concentrates well on her training but is still rather quick to react to strange stimuli.  Sensitive and biddable she is a bit more challenging but will be an exciting and rewarding prospect for a sensitive rider who has the patience and skills to bring this lovely mare on.


Unbacked and young horses for sale

We have a selection of younger horses that can be made available to experienced homes.  Please phone for further details.


Tel:  015396 24000

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